Common Murre at Ballona (on the creek no less)

September 09

Today, I had thoughts of finding a Stilt Sandpiper or a Pectoral Sandpiper (along the creek) at the back of my mind. Never did I think I would discover a Common Murre. I was on my way back to the car … after not seeing anything to speak of. I happened to turn around to see if I missed anything and noticed a Scoter looking bird (off in the distance). It was swimming rapidly away from me. I wondered how the heck I walked past it…must have dove before I saw it as I walked by. Anyway, I brought my binocs to my eyes and immediately saw a distinct white-rump blaring back at me. First thought that crossed my mind was Common Murre. I hurried up on it doing my best to get as close as possible without startling it. Sure enough, a Common Murre… least 1/2 a mile inland from the ocean….on Ballona Creek….and only 5′ away from the shore I was standing on. It wouldn’t turn at the right angle for optimal light but I snapped away anyway. Here’s a couple of the best shots I managed given the lighting situation:

Common Murre
Common Murre

Common Murre
Common Murre


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