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Arctic Loon and Gyrfalcon in California? | kiwifoto.com

Arctic Loon and Gyrfalcon in California?

February 03

Spent the past couple weekends chasing some decent rarities in California. An Arctic Loon near San Simeon State Beach, which is the 2nd Arctic Loon I’ve seen in California – but I was able to get some absolutely stunning photos of him!

Arctic Loon
Arctic Loon

Less than a week later, a Gyrfalcon showed up in Riverside County. Marking one of the farthest south records ever for the species. The last Gyrfalcon I saw was in Alaska and the last one in the Lower 48 was in Idaho!



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One response to “Arctic Loon and Gyrfalcon in California?

  1. steve vallance

    February 8, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    As a licensed falconer in California, I too am glad that others can view a Gyr up close. For those that are interested, contact the California Hawking club for more information. Falconry is very regulated and falconers are responsible for the advancements in captive breeding. The Peregrine, related to the Gyr, was practically extinct until captive breeding, and release sites throughout the State have brought them back. Some good sites to see Peregrines Are in Down Town LA, they nest on the Bonadventure Hotel. They also nest on the Vincent Thomas bridge in San Pedro. Look around, as they are doing well. Just some more info for those that re interested. Glad for the appreciation of the Gyr as well.


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